With cyber threats continuously growing in sophistication and volume, proactive IT security has become a vital component of business strategy.

Nearly half of enterprise businesses have been impacted by cyber security incidents, yet many organizations aren’t prepared to handle a cyber-attack. With the right people, processes and technology in place, your organization can proactively manage risk, giving you and your customers peace of mind that your valuable information is in safe hands.



Get advanced cyber threat intelligence and response

IX Solutions can help your business stay steps ahead of the threat landscape with proactive cyber-threat monitoring, detection, response, and remediation. With enterprise-grade security solutions, we optimize your security posture and shield your business from malicious attacks.

Endpoint Protection

Using Microsoft Intune & Defender Advanced Threat Protection, your employees can worry less about cyber-threats and stay focused on what they do best.

We'll help you secure your network with:

  • 24/7 threat monitoring and detection
  • Virus, malware and ransomware protection
  • Multi-factor authentication solutions

Data Backup Solutions

Disaster preparedness is critical to business continuity. With comprehensive backup solutions in place, you can restore your data and get back to business quickly in the event of a cyber-attack.

We'll work with your business to:

  • Design a backup solution tailored to you
  • Configure and connect your backups to a cloud environment
  • Test the solution to ensure maximum redundancy

Disaster Recovery

Leveraging Microsoft Azure’s disaster recovery solutions, your business can get up and running quickly and cost effectively in the event of a major security incident.  

We can help you prepare with:

  • A comprehensive disaster recovery assessment, plan and annual recovery tests
  • Connecting your on-premises servers and applications to the cloud
  • Managing application or server changes

Our Toolkit

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