Your end users rely on the connectivity, storage and computing power your network provides to be productive.

Between the complex landscape of real-time business, advancing modern technology, and increasing end-user demand, your IT network bears a heavy burden. Reduce your time spent rebooting and troubleshooting with solutions that enhance your IT infrastructure and improve business continuity.



Optimal network performance for the modern business

IX Solutions manages your IT network design and deployment to achieve optimal performance for your on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based infrastructure. Working alongside your IT team, we'll procure, install and maintain your infrastructure without disrupting your core operations.

Seamless Network Deployments

Modern businesses run on a 24/7 clock, which means the network and new sites need to be up and running with as little downtime possible. We can optimize your data centre networks for on-premises, hybrid our cloud-based infrastructure.

Let our experts take care of your:

  • Data centre switching
  • Software defined wide area networks
  • Equipment installation, removal and testing

Connective Communications

Break through physical barriers and enable your team to work collaboratively regardless of their location. We use the industry's most modern and secure technologies to streamline your virtual workplace.

We enable your network to host:

  • Video conferencing, instant messaging and file sharing
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Hosted collaboration

Network Security

Safeguard your organization's network and critical systems with proactive cyber-threat monitoring, detection, response, and remediation. With enterprise-grade security solutions, we'll shield your business from malicious attacks.

We'll help you install:

  • Virus, malware and ransomware protection
  • Next-generation firewall protection
  • Secure access and multi-factor authentication solutions

Our Toolkit

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