IT infrastructure is the bedrock of your organization. Built well, it will support your business productivity.

Built poorly, IT infrastructure can put any organization's security and core operations at risk. With a holistic and ground-up approach, you can deploy, maintain and optimize your business systems in a secure and nimble digital environment that fosters productivity and collaboration.



Strengthen the backbone of your organization

IX Solutions helps businesses design, deploy, maintain, and optimize their IT infrastructure. Whether you're taking a hybrid approach or going fully cloud, our experts will work with your IT team to build a nimble and secure foundation that sets you on the path to digital transformation.

Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Migrations

Make your transition from on-premises to cloud or hybrid cloud environments smoother. No matter where you are on your journey to digital transformation, our team has the expertise to get you there at a pace that works for you.

We can help your IT team to:

  • Design a modern infrastructure with security and governance in mind
  • Transition from legacy on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based models
  • Align business goals with technical strategies to maximize success in the cloud

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Avoid data loss, unnecessary costs and risking your customers' confidence. With solid backup and disaster recovery plans and capabilities across all IT systems, you can protect your data and exceed compliance.

Let us help you manage:

  • Azure Site Recovery to keep business apps and workloads running during outages
  • Rubrik for robust recovery, search, analytics, and test/dev capabilities in Azure
  • Developing robust data backup and recovery plans for a proactive approach to DR

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Gain the flexibility to scale your IT resources up and down with demand. Our team of experts will manage your essential compute, storage and networking resources on demand, increasing the scale and performance of your team.

We use leading technologies including:

  • Azure Update Management to manage OS updates for your Windows and Linux virtual machines, physical or VMs in on-premises environments, and in other cloud environments
  • Azure Arc to simplify the governance and management of your entire environment by projecting existing non-Azure and/or on-premises resources into Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure Monitor to collect, analyze, and act on telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments, detecting and diagnosing issues before they occur

Our Toolkit

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Empower your workforce

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