IX in the Community: Supporting STARS Air Ambulance

At IX Solutions, we believe in giving back to the community that sustains us—and that's why we partner with organizations like STARS, a helicopter air ambulance service built and supported by the community.

STARS exists to "provide critical care, anywhere." As a lifeline for patients in rural, remote, and indigenous communities across Western Canada, the organization provides expert and life-saving care delivered by doctors, nurses and paramedics both in-air and on the ground. Read just one of the many incredible stories of survivors whose lives have been saved, and it's clear to see the gravity of the impact this organization has on our community.

Partnering to save lives

As a charitable, not-for-profit organization, STARS relies on generous individuals, organizations, businesses, event partners and governments to continue providing critical care across Western Canada. With a $15,000 donation to STARS' Keep the Flight in Flight capital campaign — a fundraiser with a goal to transform their fleet — we're proud to have contributed to the organization's new fleet of H145 helicopters that are now helping to save lives, every day. As a thank you, the IX team got to take a behind-the-scenes peek with an incredibly educational (and fascinating!) tour of the STARS' Calgary hangar.

The impact of community investment

As we toured the STARS facility, we were in awe at the sophistication of their operations—but even more so of the need from our community. Watching the phones ring and lights blink on the dashboards in their Emergency Link Centre (ELC) reminded us just how critical emergency services are—especially in remote locations.

We're proud to support STARS, both as a client and as a community partner. Helping the team keep their IT systems up and running smoothly so that they can provide critical services reminds us why we do what we do. It's made our humble contribution to the purchase of their new fleet all the more rewarding. — Shawn Jackson, President, IX Solutions

When STARS set out to replace their fleet of helicopters, their main goal was to sustain and grow their ability to provide the best care available. Today, with the Airbus H145 aircraft having been implemented across all six STARS bases, the impact has made all the difference. With upgrades to communications systems, flight automation, safety features, equipment mounting, and mobile intensive care units, the organization is able to provide faster, safer care to patients than ever before.

“The H145 has allowed us to continue to improve the patient care we provide in so many ways. Fewer fuel stops and the ability to carry more weight has also widened our ability to provide care for more people.” — Marla Tabler, STARS Flight Nurse

Congratulations to STARS on securing their new fleet! But the work doesn't stop here. If this story has inspired you to learn more about the critical services STARS provides to our community, visit their website and learn how you can get involved today.

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