Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan ensures business continuity in the event of natural disaster, hardware failure, and human error. It allows your business to continue functioning during the time it takes for you to recover from disaster.

Designing and implementing a disaster recovery solution in your on-premises environment can require a large capital expenditure and specialized skills to maintain over time. Leveraging the Microsoft cloud disaster recovery solution is less complex, and it changes your cost model to a monthly expense where you only pay for what you use.

In addition, using Microsoft Azure for disaster recovery serves as a simple entry point into the cloud. From here you can begin to plan for the permanent move of your business applications and eliminate costly hardware, support and refresh cycles.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Starting with an in-depth assessment of your business applications, our consulting team meets with stakeholders in your company to determine how long is reasonable for a particular application to be unavailable in the event of disaster and make sure stakeholders understands associated risks.

Armed with this information, we provide you with comprehensive costing for your disaster recovery solution in the Microsoft cloud and build the solution by connecting your on-premises servers and applications. As applications or servers change, our team will add and remove those services from the disaster recovery solution. In addition, we build a business continuity document, update it  and test it annually based on your evolving environment.

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