Device Management

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Device Management

Does your business struggle to manage its devices, or do you have multiple platforms including Windows, iOS and Android? Device management software enables you to manage your device fleet centrally. With device management software, you can apply branding to your devices, install applications, or lock down a mobile phone from a central location.

At IX Solutions, we have experience working with small businesses and large enterprises in deploying device management solutions. Whether your company is 10 users or 10,000 users, we tailor the solution to meet your needs. Microsoft Intune integrates with your existing Active Directory allowing you to provide applications and setting based on who the user is. Whats more, Microsoft Intune is a cloud solution which means you don’t have to install complex infrastructure in your own environment.


Device Management Enablement

Enablement begins by assessing your device fleet and understanding how you want to manage these devices. Once we understand your needs, we can build policies and settings that are applied to your companies devices. 

This provides peace of mind knowing that, as an example, if a company device is lost that contains sensitive data, you can remotely wipe that device with the click of a button.

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