Datacenter Technology

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Datacenter Technology

The data center contains your most critical business applications and services. For that reason it is important to consider redundancy and to eliminate single points of failure. This ensures that your business applications remain available allowing your employees to be productive and your customers able to do business with you.

IX Solutions takes a best practices approach to datacenter design and deployment leveraging best of breed, proven solutions to implement in your environment. With the proliferation of cloud, integrate your on-premises datacenter with cloud provider datacenters, offering the best of both worlds in the most cost effective way possible.


Datacenter Migration and Hybrid Cloud

As datacenters age, a proactive refresh strategy is needed. The older your hardware is, the more likely it is that you will experience downtime and costly repairs. At IX Solutions, we work with you to plan a refresh strategy and migration from your old datacenter to your new one. In addition, we look for opportunities to migrate your applications and servers to the cloud where it makes sense strategically and financially. 

By moving services to the cloud, your business can begin to get away from the cycle of having to refresh hardware every five years and concentrate on more important objectives.

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