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Data Protection

In todays business world, having a plan for data protection is paramount. Companies that lose their data often do not recover and have been known to go out of business. For this reason, a comprehensive backup solution is required to protect your company’s data and to provide a way to restore that data in the event of disaster, human error, or a security breach.

At IX Solutions, we take a strategic approach to protecting your data by using enterprise grade backup solutions. This solution not only backs up your data at your business location, it will also send long term backups to cloud providers geographically separated from your business to provide additional redundancy and give you peace of mind.


Data Protection Design and Implementation

Our consultants engage your company in a discussion about your data. Our goal is to understand all of your technology systems and applications and then assign protection values to them. This allows us to design a protection solution that is tailored to your unique environment.

Next, a data protection solution is implemented into your business and connected to a cloud provider for offsite retention. Our team configures and tests the entire solution and ensures all your critical data is being backed up on a schedule. As a value added service, we also restore your data in a testing area to ensure that the data protection solution is working as intended.

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