Introduction to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an Endpoint Protection solution that gives visibility into your devices and proactively prevents threats. It leverages cloud intelligence and analytics to detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents. Unlike traditional endpoint management, Defender for Endpoint monitors and detects common attack techniques used to compromise systems. Using automation, you can quickly go from alert to remediation at scale.

How does Defender for Endpoint work?

Defender for Endpoint is managed through a centralized cloud dashboard. This works by using a sensor on devices to connect with the Microsoft Cloud, which connects to analytics and response tools. Administrators can see suspicious activity and vulnerability detections on connected systems, making it easy to navigate between detected threats and recommended solutions. From this dashboard, compromised devices can be isolated, and administrators can remotely investigate systems.

This solution can integrate with other Microsoft security tools for a more comprehensive security posture. Detections can be forwarded to Azure Sentinel for SIEM visibility, and data can be shared between other Defender solutions to provide sophisticated analytics and detection. This can provide a unified security approach across your company's IT environment, greatly increasing your ability to detect malicious activity and stop it before it causes irreparable damage.

Defender works seamlessly with Windows and provides a very smooth user experience while preventing malware on devices. This helps organizations maintain operations and protect their users and assets from cyber attacks. With less interruptions and greater threat protection, Defender for Endpoint supports productivity and reduces risk in an enterprise environment.

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