Improve your productivity with Microsoft Viva Insights

Microsoft Viva Insights enables executives, managers and workers to focus on what matters most with insights derived from your Office 365 usage. With Viva Insights, you can better understand how you spend your time using the Viva Insights personal dashboard and get insights into email reach and impact with the Outlook add-in.

See where your time goes…

The Viva Insights personal dashboard helps you understand how much time you spend in meetings and email. It also shows you how many uninterrupted hours you spend focusing on key tasks, which colleagues you spend the most time working with, and how much time you work outside business hours.

Set goals and monitor progress for higher impact…

Many information workers spend over 80% of their time sitting in meetings and sending emails, leaving little time to get other tasks done during the work day. With Viva Insights, you can set goals for reducing unproductive collaboration hours and track your progress over time.

Make data-driven decisions about your work…

Use data to diagnose and address productivity challenges, both for yourself and for your team. Track and optimize how much time you spend in 1:1 meetings with direct reports, build better team norms around after-hours work, and use email analytics to write more effective emails.

Learn more about Microsoft Viva Insights on their website.

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