Earth Month: Celebrating Tech Sustainability with Lenovo and City of Kamloops

Today’s businesses are powered by technology. As millions of Canadians flip on the office lights, power up their workstations, and plug in their laptops to charge every day, it’s electricity that keeps us all connected—to our work, and to each other. Because power fuels our workforce, it’s our responsibility as businesses to find ways to sustainably operate and work towards reducing our carbon footprint for a better future. 

At IX Solutions, we help our clients do that by leveraging sustainable technology and optimizing devices across the enterprise. By using Lenovo’s energy-efficient products, our clients save on electricity, which lowers their CO2 emissions and reduces environmental impact. 

When the City of Kamloops was due for a device refresh, we helped the organization’s IT team to optimize their environment—replacing 800 workstations with Lenovo’s sustainable, energy efficient devices. In addition, by optimizing their server infrastructure, the City was able to consolidate from 60 domain controllers (network servers) to 32—a change that led to a nearly 50% reduction in the organization’s energy consumption. 

“Environment and sustainability is one of our core values and drivers at the City of Kamloops. Our proactive, integrated approach to sustainability brings people with diverse interests together to work towards minimizing our footprint and protecting our environment,” says Piotr Baltakis, Manager of Databases and Security at City of Kamloops.  

“We help our community make sustainable choices in the way we live, learn, work, and play together.  All departments work hard toward this, and we are pleased to show progress in IT by reducing the energy consumption in our Datacenter.”

Why We Choose Lenovo for Sustainable Devices

ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that aims to promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in hardware of all kinds. Products that meet the required standards and performance levels may be ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Of Lenovo’s products, the following are ENERGY STAR® qualified:

From PCs to servers, Lenovo’s products boast a long list of energy efficiency features, including: 

  • Adaptive thermal management — adjusts system power and fan speeds based on ambient levels
  • Active Directory and LANDesk® — allows administrators the ability to control and enforce ThinkPad® energy savings company-wide
  • Lenovo EasyResume — Gives quick recovery from computer lid close, balancing low power state by suppressing CPU usage at lid close
  • Intelligent Cooling — Balances thermal performance to adjust settings to provide a cooler surface for comfort while optimizing product energy performance
  • Energy Saving Power Supply Unit — When the system detects the power loading is low, PSU turns off the internal fan to save energy consumption
  • “Lenovo Settings” app in Windows — Provides power management features for the user
  • Rack Planner — Helps users better plan for rack efficiency by increasing rack density and calculating power consumption based on specific configurations
  • Smart Grid — Helps users monitor and manage the power consumption and temperature of ThinkServers with Intel Node Manager, saving power, increasing rack density and avoiding data center hotspots
  • PSU smart-on — When the system detects that the power loading is low in redundant PSU configuration, it can transfer the loading to get higher power efficiency
  • Lenovo Efficiency Mode™ (LEM) — Works in cooperation with the operating system to fine tune the operating efficiency of the server. LEM can boost performance per watt efficiency by up to 11 percent compared to a server that is not using LEM 
  • Intelligently managing power consumption — Unused devices embedded in System x servers are either powered down or placed into very low power state automatically during boot time and/or dynamically at run time

For a full list of sustainability features, visit Lenovo’s ESG information

How Are You Celebrating Earth Month? 

Make it a priority to reduce your organization's carbon footprint this year—and let us help you get there. Ready to go eco? Talk to our team about making the switch to energy-efficient devices and datacentres today. 

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