Defender for Office 365 Protection

How defender for Office 365 protects your end users

Defender for Office 365 provides increased email hygiene options for Exchange Online as well as protecting SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams from malicious attachments and URLs. Now that you’ve gone through all the steps to configure the anti-SPAM and anti-Phishing policies, what’s next?

The simple fact is that no technology will prevent all phishing attempts from reaching the end user, so educating end users to be aware of what a phishing attempt looks like, and what to do when they suspect an email is bad, is key to protecting your environment.  

Fortunately, Defender for Office 365 Plan 2 includes a platform for simulating phishing and malware attempts so that you can safely expose your users to the various types of campaigns and provide a feedback mechanism so that they can be positively reenforced as to what they should be doing when these types of messages arrive in their mailbox.

Attack Simulation Training is managed via the Microsoft 365 Defender admin portal. Here we can see simulations that have been run or are in progress as well as user training progress.

Simulations can be initiated as a one-time event with various techniques such as Credential Harvest, Drive-by URL and Malware Attachment. Over 100 payload types such as Document Share Request or Email Quarantine notice are available out of the box and there is also the ability to create a customized payload that allows you to configure the entire email. These one-time events can target specific users or the entire organization. Training options can also be added to the simulation and users that incorrectly action the sample message can be directed to either a Microsoft supplied training module or one that the organization supplies.

Simulation Automations are a great way of defining a campaign that may take place over several days with randomized techniques and payloads. These automations can be scheduled to only run on specific days of the week and target repeat offenders if necessary.

The bottom line is that putting defences in place is only one part of the equation.  Educating your users to at least question suspect emails is a huge part of protecting your environment from this kind of attack and utilizing the Attack Simulation training that is available as part of the Defender for Office 365 suite is agreat way to do this.

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