Back to Basics: Tackling CyberSecurity with Our Trusted Framework

Written by Chris King, Vice President & Partner

Today more than ever, IT leaders are struggling to keep up with an evolving security landscape. Threats and vulnerabilities continue to grow while budgets shrink and expertise is harder to find. Industry research shows that 99% of exploited vulnerabilities are known by security and IT professionals at the time of an incident [Gartner]. Today, we can gather from industry data that the average cost of a data breach in an organization is 4.35 million US dollars [IBM Security 2022 Data Breach Report].

In the face of these sobering statistics, it is tempting to look for “silver bullets” that will address the security problem. Unfortunately, despite the claims of many security vendors, that silver bullet does not exist.

"Unfortunately, despite the claims of many security vendors, that silver bullet does not exist."

When it comes to defining your security strategy, there are proven activities you can tackle that don’t require the most expensive security solution or the highest paid security analyst. For context, when reviewing cyberattack victim reports, we see that an alarming 57% of breaches could have been prevented simply by installing an available patch or update on the affected device [Ponemon Institute].

This begs the question—how often are you reviewing your organizations fundamental security practices? Do you have an accurate inventory and control of all enterprise assets that have access to data? Do you consistently and reliably patch your infrastructure and end users devices? Do you both backup and validate restore points for your organizations data on a routine basis?

Cybersecurity Frameworks—Your Roadmap to Success

These kinds of fundamental security questions are organized and kept current through industry created Cybersecurity Frameworks. A Cybersecurity Framework is a pre-defined and pre-prioritized set of recommended activities or tasks which are proven to reduce risks associated with common cyber threats. IX Solutions leverages Cybersecurity Frameworks to inform the implementation of new technology, review existing technology configuration and best practices, and to look at our customers current security posture. We find this methodology easy to consume, and it provides an achievable roadmap for our customers to improve their security posture.

By aligning the existing solutions and in-house expertise our customers have to a Cybersecurity Framework, we discover immediate improvements. Where gaps exist and are deemed a priority to address, IX Solutions can provide consultative expertise and guidance in the procurement of security tools that further mitigate risk.

Ready to Revamp Your CyberSecurity?

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