Announcing our rebrand: A letter from Shawn Jackson, President of IX Solutions

Written by Shawn Jackson, President & Founder

Bold new look, same dedicated service

I’m excited to announce that, today, IX Solutions is launching the next iteration of our brand!

Just over four years ago, I set out with a plan to build the type of boutique IT Consulting firm that I always wanted to work for—and one that I believed clients would want to work with. Since then, IX Solutions has come a long way. In four years, we’ve grown from one guy working to make things better for his clients to a growing team of over 30 exceptional people who are passionate about using technology to help our clients achieve their goals. I couldn’t be prouder of the team that we’ve built.

The case for change

We are excited about the way our team has grown and how it’s helped us better support our clients. Last year, we decided that our web presence and branding really didn’t reflect the company we’ve worked hard to become. Although we have made it this far with a brand I single-handedly put together using my amateur Photoshop skills (before IX Solutions even officially existed), we know that we've begun to outgrow it.

Celebrating new beginnings

As the world reopens and we get to see our clients and industry colleagues face-to-face again, now feels like an appropriate time to come back with a renewed version of our brand, designed to reflect the company we are today. So, we brought in the professionals.

Over the last year, we have gone through a branding exercise designed to get to the bottom of who we are and the things we value. We got real about the value we create, the things that set us apart, and what is truly important to our organization. Those boiled down to a few things:

  • We are passionate about technology and truly genuine in our desire to help our clients leverage IT to do great things
  • We foster deep relationships with our clients and work hard to develop the background knowledge and context to truly be trusted advisors for those clients
  • We have high expectations for our team and strive to expect more of ourselves than our clients expect of us
  • We are a partner to our clients—we deeply care about their success and about being there when they need us

The process was consultative with lots of back and forth. Turns out, we’re a little particular and maybe a tad bit detailed-oriented… which probably shouldn’t be surprising, we are IT guys after all! Our brighter, fresher colours represent the vibrant group of people we have on the team while maintaining approachability. It took a few months to settle on a logo then get cracking on the web presence, but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

IX Solutions Logo

Honouring the past while forging the future

The new brand brings a fresh look – and we’re really excited for that – but some things will never change. We want to remain a boutique IT firm that invests in building deep relationships with clients and never lose sight of what makes us a great partner to both our clients and our staff. Our refined brand does not represent a re-envisioning of who we are, but rather represents a better reflection of who we are and where we're going.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you,

Shawn Jackson

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