of enterprises have experienced an IT outage in the past three years. — Logic Monitor


more costly to recover from an outage for enterprises who experience them frequently. — Logic Monitor


of IT directors believe revenue would improve if downtime was reduced. — Forrester

Achieve always-on reliability with proactive server monitoring and support for Cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments

Tired of those panicked, early-morning phone calls alerting you that the organization’s network is down? With an overburdened IT team and increasing pressure to improve productivity from the C-suite, reactive server monitoring is no longer an option. It’s time to shift to a proactive, preventative maintenance model that reduces downtime and eases the impact of endless hours of high-stress diagnosis and issue resolution on your IT team.

Designed to improve your organization’s resiliency, our fully managed offering provides real-time server reporting and analysis, enabling our team to diagnose, escalate and resolve issues before they impact business productivity—and often before they reach your desk.

Rest assured that your servers are fully optimized at all times. With Managed Server Monitoring, we'll support your Cloud, on-premise and hybrid environment by:

  • Onboarding your servers to our monitoring platform for real-time reporting on server health and potential issues that could impact operations
  • Applying performance monitoring alerts to track and log significant events, service and server failures
  • Configuring notifications for key stakeholders to respond to and escalate critical alerts with urgency when required
  • Performing monthly health checks to ensure servers are reporting as expected and new systems are enabled
  • Providing quarterly executive reports that include a review of recent infrastructure and service changes, reviews of critical alerts, outstanding response actions, and recommended changes
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The path to peace of mind

Rest better knowing your organization's critical infrastructure is in good hands. Ready to get proactive about your server monitoring and maintenance? Contact us to chat and book your free, no-obligation Managed Services consultation today.

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